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Culture At Cirrico

I’m Alex Reed a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cirrico, today I’m going to talk about the culture at Cirrico and why we think it’s not only one of the most important values we hold dear but also the key to driving our company’s growth and success for 2022 and beyond!

So why is culture important? For me, it’s pretty straightforward. A company with great culture holds it’s employees above all else and strives to make the workplace an enjoyable, transparent and equally fair place to work. It needs cultivating and room to grow over time; as it isn’t just born overnight. Culture can also be hard to define at times as well, because it’s not that tangible (ever seen a Salesforce report on culture I ask?); Instead, it can be much more of a feeling and perception of the business from the people that work there and the people you work with. Culture is the cornerstone of a thriving business, starting at the top with leadership setting out their core values and beliefs.


Nurturing our culture at Cirrico is something we focus on daily, and the key value we focus on is “trust”. We trust each other, we trust our leadership and they trust us to deliver every day. This value is key in doing what we do, not only does it make me feel respected and that I have a voice, which people will listen to. But it also makes me feel like I’m part of more than just a business; a family in which we all want to work together to make a real difference. Think about it, have you ever had a job where you felt you were constantly being micromanaged? Feeling like you always have eyes over your shoulder judging what you do, or being questioned for how you work? I’ve had this a number of times, and it really stifled my growth and creativity. Instead, I just ended up pushing myself into the background and not getting involved; it was terrible! But here at Cirrico, trust is offered on day one; you’re your own person and given the confidence to work how’s best for you.


I can’t overstate how important this is for me, knowing that I can take a break without question or go for a walk if I’ve just backed myself into a corner on a Salesforce flow (it happens a lot!). Knowing that leadership won’t pick me up on that or question me. It’s knowing I can drop my son off at nursery in the morning or take a mental health day if I’m having a particularly hard week with any type of consequence. It’s not just about taking breaks either, it extends to how I work on our projects with customers. I’m given the trust to approach my customers and manage my projects how I see fit, offering recommendations and different approaches and being backed by my project team. It’s hugely rewarding working in a business that treats us all as individuals with our own ideas. So whilst foosball tables, dart boards, having your birthday off and benefits are a nice addition; for me it’s clearly knowing I’m a respected, trusted and individual that slots into the team like that weird uncle.


So what can you do to create a better culture wherever you are? Well, I didn’t state at the beginning; but I’m no expert! All I can say is that, trust your employees and you’ll be rewarded. Listen to them, give them room to breathe and hold them up as your key priority. Do all three and your employees will start growing the culture for you! Click the button below to find out more about the Cirrico culture and what working at Cirrico is like.

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