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Achieve Remarkable Results with Salesforce and Microsoft Integration

In the world of charitable organisations, the integration between Salesforce and Microsoft stands as a beacon of enhanced efficiency and functionality. This partnership, built on a steadfast commitment to customer success, offers a several integration features, from Power BI and Active Directory to Power Apps, Automate, and beyond. Discover key aspects of the Salesforce and Microsoft integration, highlighting how charities can leverage these to bolster their operations and achieve their mission.

Power BI and Salesforce Integration

Connect Power BI to Salesforce to embed comprehensive reports directly into a visual dashboard. This integration allows charities to visualise and analyse their data seamlessly, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. The ability to embed reports ensures that all team members have easy access to crucial data, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


Leveraging Active Directory for Enhanced Security

Utilise Active Directory to bolster security and streamline Single Sign-On processes. By integrating Active Directory with Salesforce, charities can ensure secure connections without compromising credentials or directory access. This integration also allows for robust attribute mapping, synchronisation of Active Directory groups into Salesforce permissions, and seamless control over user attributes, profiles, and permissions, ensuring an integrated and secure user management system.



Streamlining Operations with Power Apps & Automate

Streamline your nonprofits operations by integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate. This integration allows for the automation of various tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for your team. Easily create, update, and manage Salesforce records, ensuring that your CRM system is always up-to-date and providing your team with the most current information.


Enhancing Communication with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams Integration

Enhance communication and collaboration within your charity by integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams. Organise conversations more effectively by pinning Salesforce records on tabs in your Teams conversations. Update CRM fields directly from Teams, post important conversation moments back to Salesforce as Chatter messages, and easily access Salesforce records through the Teams Mobile App.


In conclusion, the integration between Salesforce and Microsoft offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the efficiency, security, and functionality of charitable organisations. From seamless data visualisation and reporting to enhanced security, automation, and communication, this integration empowers charities to achieve their goals and further their mission.

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