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5 Things You Need To Know About The Nonprofit Success Pack!

10 Free Licences Right From Day 1

All charitable organisations can apply through the Power of Us hub for 10 free NPSP Salesforce licences. This is a brilliant start for organisations large and small. These licences can with contact, account and donation management features with all the automation and reporting power that Salesforce has to offer. Check out Salesforce here to read more about the 10 donated licences for your nonprofit.


Sync Up Your Current Data And Platforms To Salesforce

Build a single source of truth for your organisation with Salesforce. You can not only import your data with no coding knowledge required using Salesforce Data Wizard and NPSP Data Import. You can also sync up various applications (like Mailchimp, Zoom and Donorbox), to make sure that all your data is in one place. This is vital to help all your team effectively build your organisation.


Build Reports That Work For You

Collecting data for your stakeholders need not be difficult with Nonprofit Success Pack. With Salesforce’s immense reporting capability built in from the off. You have at your fingertips the ability to draw out any data in your salesforce system. You can even have dashboards with graph and charts, so you can see your key metrics at a glance.

Pro tip: you can schedule reports to email you that report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Your Salesforce org with NPSP is highly customisable

Many CRMs will lock down customisable features, like creating new fields/objects or the ability to install new automations. With Salesforce & NPSP you have the ability to customise your org, building in your organisations processes, data points and custom notifications (including in app and email notifications).


Learn About NPSP At Your Own Pace

We know that users will learn about a new system at different paces and with different learning styles. That is why with Trailhead (from Salesforce), there is a wealth of information on NPSP, Salesforce and all the other products in the Salesforce ecosystem. Trailhead also combines text, videos and practical tasks so that many different learning styles can be catered for. Here are a few modules you can get started with.


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