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Five Minutes With Thomas Partridge, A Cirrico Senior Salesforce Consultant

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’ve been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for 10 years now and have been with Cirrico for the last 2 and a half years.

My career so far has been almost exclusively working with non profit organisations, which is one of the reasons I was keen to join Cirrico. Positive impact is very important to me and I love being able to have that kind of influence on the world through Salesforce.

Any weird or wonderful facts we should know about?

I was once cast in a Coca Cola commercial which never got released. On the day of filming, my mum and I had to hug for 20 minutes whilst cameras circled around us. It was an interesting experience but neither of us have pursued a career on camera since.


What is your role at Cirrico?

I’m a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cirrico, which means that I’m part of the delivery team. So I work on projects with customers from beginning to end. These can be relatively short engagements such as Define & Plan projects, where we work with a customer to figure out exactly what they need Salesforce to do, then we write up user stories and process maps as well as provide an accurate project timeline. These projects are great as they remove a lot of risk for our customers and help to ensure that we have a very clear understanding of requirements before getting stuck into an implementation.


How did you get into tech?

I got lucky! I graduated from university and had no idea what I wanted to do for work. I hadn’t studied anything technical and had done a very essay-based degree so I took the first job that was offered to me, which happened to be as a CRM Assistant for an organisation that was using Salesforce.

I did some research on Salesforce in the non-profit sector and realised that Salesforce could enable me to work with nonprofits. I applied for a job with the incredible Homeless Link to work on their In-Form team and never looked back!


What was your first impression of Cirrico?

Small but mighty. When I joined the team there were just 4 of us, so the last 2 years have been quite a journey. Dan’s ambition was clear from the beginning and it’s been a pleasure witnessing such positive change and growth, particularly the decision to align with the UN Sustainable Development goals and only engage with organisations that have positive impact.


What was your inspiration to work in tech for social impact?

Since leaving school I’ve been keen to make a positive impact on the world and the realisation that, through Salesforce, I could have a positive impact on so many people’s lives has led me to devote my career to this. Technology can be an incredibly powerful force for good and I’m really grateful that I can be a part of that.


What do you do for fun when you aren’t changing the world at Cirrico?

I’ve always been into lots of sports and spend my spare time in the boxing gym and playing football or squash. My partner and I love nature and walking, so we spend a lot of time at Kew Gardens – our happy place. I’ve also been known to make pasta from scratch on the odd occasion and I make a mean salted caramel chocolate brownie.


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What was your first impression of Cirrico?