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10 Donated Licenses - What You Need To Know

10 Free Licences Right From Day 1

All charitable organisations can apply through the Power of Us hub for 10 free NPSP Salesforce licences, this is a brilliant start for organisations large and small. These licences come with contact, account and donation management features with all the automation and reporting power that Salesforce has to offer.


Start Off By Signing Up For A Free Salesforce Trial Org

Even the biggest journey start with a first step, after filling out this form, Salesforce will be in touch with you and guide you through setting up your trail org. This is a Salesforce org with NPSP preinstalled but apart from that it is a blank slate. Use this space as a way to explore the features that Salesforce has to offer. Start to imagine how you might use Salesforce to enhance your organisation.

If you wish to trail other products, do speak to your Salesforce Account Executive or the Salesforce rep that helped with the setup of your trail org.


Check Your Eligibility

Most charities and some charitable organisations are eligible to receive 10 free NPSP licences. As of October 2021, there are some sectors and geographical exclusions. Please do check here for the latest eligibility criteria. Executive buy in is required for Salesforce to approve the 10 free NPSP licences.


Ready To Apply

Head here to apply for your 10 free licences. If you need help at any point in the application or have any questions, email [email protected]. After this form has been completed Salesforce will be in touch regarding adding the licences to the


 A Health Warning

10 free NPSP Salesforce licences is great and helps save thousands of pounds every year. However, to make the most out of a investment is required. Much like a bike or a car, systems like a need to be kept up to date and meet the needs of an organisation. Please do get in touch with the Cirrico team to ask about our;

  • Quick start projects – convert your current data (in spreadsheets and siloed systems) into your new Salesforce org. With quick turn arounds.
  • Managed Services – wanting to add in new services and/or improvements? With Managed Service you can get a dedicated Salesforce Consultant from anywhere upwards from one day a month. They will work with you to build in new functionality and improve your Salesforce org.