Success plans

Cirrico Success plans are designed to offer key services to our customers to deliver value and ensure they see a positive ROI, and have the resources to achieve success. These plans are great for startups, SMB's and large businesses with hundreds of users. Below are a number of key features available through our success plans which can form part of a service level agreement:

Cirrico portal

Our portal is software we have developed (that runs natively on the Salesforce platform), which is designed to allow our customers to engage with us in an efficient, intuitive way. The portal allows our customers to create and manage ideas for features and improvements to their Salesforce/technology environment, day-to-day admin requests (setting up new users, reports and dashboards, 'How do I' style questions) as well as the ability to report and manage issues. We're constantly improving the way the portal works for our customers, and are driven to deliver transparency and value through it.

Guaranteed response

Our guaranteed response varies from 1 hour to a 16 hours depending on the plan and severity of the request. We guarantee to be in touch within an agreed time period, whether it is an issue, idea or admin request - allowing you to to access our resources as an extension of your business.

Charge rates

We bill on a time basis - meaning once you have a plan, you only pay for what you need. Depending on your needs, we charge from a minimum of 0.1 hours upwards, and share this information with you through the portal, giving you control and analytics of how your time is being used. Our rates vary, and are competitive.

Monthly review

As part of our plans we include monthly review calls to ensure we are always focussing on the strategy and vision that you have as a business, and ensuring we understand how Salesforce compliments that vision. The outcome of monthly reviews are recommendations and a plan of action to achieve your objectives.

Daily backup

This comprehensive service allows us to backup your data (records), metadata (code, configurations and custom development) and files (attachments to records, documents). We conduct this backup on a daily basis and can keep copies of backups for 1 year to an unlimited amount of time. This service won't cost more within your agreement period if you scale up, and there are no storage limits.