Cloud strategy

Innovation workshop

A social and collaborative workshop, designed to identify how cloud, social and mobile technology could transform the way your business engages with customers, partners and employees. The key steps in this stage are discovery - understanding your business and process, ideation - harness your employees innovation and ideas, and finally opportunity prioritisation - the business impact and ability to execute. 

Customer, people and technology strategy

This involves defining a strategy, developing a roadmap and considering the current infrastructure and environment. We aim to identify pain points through interviewing key stakeholders, prioritising business critical needs and identify strategic growth areas. Typically at this stage we will create prototypes and demonstrate initial concepts.

Vendor selection and business case

Cirrico Solutions team interview stakeholders and take the information we learnt in earlier stages to shortlist a number of vendors. Our team will work with you to assess vendors, analyse risk and reward and make appropriate recommendations including business case and ROI reports.

Deployment planning & readiness

By this stage we expect to have identified the technologies and created an implementation plan. As part of the deployment planning and readiness process, we will establish success metrics, define governance model and technical architecture as well as address cultural or other barriers to change. To plan the development, we identify timelines, define phases and conduct risk analysis and mitigation plans, working closely with key stakeholders.