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Salesforce Platform & Apps

Develop custom web and mobile applications.

Building apps is critical for business success today. But how can you keep up with customer and employee demand for apps? You need an all-encompassing, blazing-fast platform that can connect, integrate, and give anyone from developers to business users all the tools they need to build apps fast.

Cirrico provide a variety of services to drive custom app success, including App cloud implementation, development, integrations, training and ongoing plans to ensure we deliver value.

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Salesforce App Cloud key benefits

Lighting Fast Platform

Lighting fast platform.

Discover the lightning-fast app-building tools and services for developers and business users. Salesforce processes billions of transactions per day, and has excellent response times and availability.

Cloud Integrations

Integrations through open cloud APIs.

The Salesforce1 Platform puts the world’s #1 cloud database technology at IT’s fingertips to build rich forms and customer data models without complex code. And all the apps supporting your business processes interact with exactly one (and only one) version of your data that is consistent and transactional. So IT doesn’t have to spend time and money on expensive integration between apps.

Easy to Manage

Easy to manage platform.

How can IT keep it all going, every day? Here’s everything you need to manage apps, users, profiles, and more — from anywhere. Changes in Salesforce can be developed and tested in test environments, and deployed into production through a simple UI.

Secure Platform

Secure platform.

The Salesforce1 Platform is built around a robust and secure architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries — from financial services to healthcare and government. Org Security, User Security, Programmatic Security, Trust and Visibility — it all comes standard so you don’t have to worry about it.

Scalable Platform

Scalable platform.

App Cloud is infinitely scalable, and can grow exponentially with your business. All users benefit from best-in-class security, mobile access and excellent change management tools.

Create Social Applications

Create social applications.

Through communities, API's and innovation - you can create social applications that engage communities and drive collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement.

Mobile Access

Applications with mobile access.

Any application on the Salesforce platform can be access by mobile out of the box, either through the mobile experience through a web browser, the Salesforce1 mobile app, or through a custom application that we can create for the app store (Android, Apple).

Automated Processes

Automate processes.

Use a powerful, simple workflow engine to power processes and increase efficiencies. These kind of features truly facilitate scaling up effectively.