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Jonathan Fox At Salesforce Live UKI

Salesforce Live UKI was a blast. Being in the presence of our Trailblazer Community, once again, in person brings back a sense of passion for technology and collaboration. But, what are my three top take aways from Salesforce Live UKI this year?

So, despite there being no swag at this year’s event, overall the day was incredibly productive. Salesforce event? No swag? Why?! It’s a great question. When you think of a Salesforce event, you think extravagance and lot’s of swag, however since Dreamforce this year, Salesforce has toned back the swag to focus more on sustainability and reduction of waste (such as all the swag that surprisingly does get thrown away). So for very good reason, there were no stickers to collect. Instead, lots to talk about.



At this event there were loads of ways to learn. Firstly, the sea of Trailblazers. Not literally a sea, but the presence of Trailblazers, brought with it plenty of interesting and knowledgeable conversations, from talking about new interactions with tools and features to conversations about recent Salesforce announcements. This was a great source of learning. Peer learning and conversation. From there you had the chance to talk to ISV partners displaying their product, Salesforce booths to learn about a new feature being demoed or even heading to one of the theatre sessions to learn from a guest’s experience or success story.

For me, MuleSoft caught my eye at one of the Salesforce demo booths. More specifically Mulesoft RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Automation (Composer for Salesforce). Simply the ability to automate manual tasks such as key entry into an old database system with no APIs or copy data from a PDF in an email into a different system is truly amazing. Think of how much time that could save and how many potential errors it would prevent. Maybe you want to do competitor analysis, you could maybe use RPA to scrape websites for prices or information. Then there is composer. Out of the box, prebuilt integration connectors at the fingertips of the admin. Making integration and data transfer between systems even more accessible to more organisations.



Sharing is so important. It’s something I talk about and describe quite often when having conversations about the Salesforce ecosystem and the Trailblazer community. Sharing knowledge and information makes you, your team and your community stronger because it allows for innovation and iterations on top of this new foundation of knowledge.

Events like Salesforce Live UKI are great examples of a medium to share. Throughout the day I had numerous conversations with other Trailblazers, where we exchanged tips and tricks on the Salesforce platform, shared experience of challenges or topics which we overcame and in an official sense, the theatre sessions were a pure example of sharing.

For me, Salesforce Live UKI gave me the chance to share with the Salesforce UKI social media team, interviewed by Sally Eaves, my highlights of the day, my thoughts of the year and the importance of events like these.


The future of Salesforce

In typical fashion, Salesforce events have keynotes and theatre sessions where information on products or services as well as the future roadmap are shared. With Salesforce Live UKI this was no different.

To start the day we heard from Zarah Al-Kudcy, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Formula 1. Where she told us about the power of the Salesforce Customer 360, how that allowed the F1 Commercial Partnerships team follow the journey of the customer from serving personalised advertisements to encourage visits to the website, create personalised content on the website to drive Sales, real time information to create a tailored event day experience and then tailored post event messaging via multiple channels to promote future sales and interactions. I thought this was really utilising the Salesforce technology stack to its full potential and showed just what is possible with the C360.

Throughout the day there were various sessions from Closing the Digital Skills gap, where a panel of speakers explained how important it is to keep learning fun and accessible. While also promoting and embracing diversity in order to meet the demand for digital skills which is expected to rise by more than 50% by 2025. There were also sessions such as Mission Possible: How to Build a Data-Driven Culture, where we heard about how organisations with a positive and strong data culture can really use this data to their advantage in order to make insight driven decisions at scale.

To close out the day, we finally heard from rock legend Nile Rodgers, sharing his experiences of founding a charity ‘We Are Family Foundation’ which ‘he’s dedicated to inspiring the next generation about respect, understanding and cultural diversity’.

In all, this event was a fantastic day. It allowed for a calm enough experience which fostered collaboration and conversations with old friends and new connections, the perfect combination of delivered information and self sourced knowledge through shared experience.


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