Company overview

Who are Cirrico?

We are a business born in the cloud and based in London, that provides sales, marketing and customer services solutions by working with key strategic best-in-breed cloud technology partners - primarily Salesforce.

Our mission is to catalyse the success of our clients, by providing professional services focussing on improving sales, marketing and customer service, through the use of best-in-breed cloud technologies.

Customers are more social, mobile and connected then ever before, we empower our clients to interact and engage in innovative ways through digital transformation. Customers are expecting more from companies than just a product - they are expecting an experience, a service.

We want to help our client's envisage what they can do in the digital era, and then build it.

Our talent is key to our success - we are creative, innovative and focussed on rapidly developing agile solutions. 

What makes Cirrico different is the ability we have to reimagine what business will be like for our clients in the future, to help them innovate on concepts that will differentiate them and deliver to make these concepts a reality.

The key challenge is not just a CRM transformation - but a digital transformation that is much more in line with the evolution of the market. 

Cirrico drives digital transformation and creates measurable success for our clients'.

What makes us different?

We are a business that was born in the cloud, to deliver exceptional services to our clients to empower and catalyse their success.

Cirrico maximise cloud solutions as a business, making us and our team more productive and efficient through powerful proprietary solutions, allowing our team to a flexible working environment.

As a business we are focussed on our clients' success - we reimagine how our clients can work, engage their customers and realise the most value from cloud solutions. Your success is our success.

Our people think differently and innovatively, the talent within Cirrico is our driving force with a mix of creative and technical skills, the solutions we develop for our clients give them a strong competitive advantage.

Cirrico has a strong culture of creativity, innovation and believes that there is huge opportunity for many businesses to better learn, engage and service their customers in new ways. We want to work with our clients on the journey to catalyse their success.