Cirrico knows that data is complex and that nonprofits have a lot of personal and sensitive data to handle, and we make this process easier, scalable and GDPR compliant. We don't just provide the out of the box solution, we work to identify the root cause of your challenges and adapt the solution to be practical for your needs, and user adoption.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is designed by Salesforce to create Connected Nonprofits. These are organisations that are able to unify their company view, to see, donations, clients, members, volunteers, supporters, and affiliates in one clear system that allows end to end management of daily activities and ongoing campaigns.

Nonprofit solutions


Program management.

Automate manual processes, streamline program delivery, and run more efficiently.



Track all donor, fundraising and donation data in one place, report in real time, and raise more resources.

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Marketing and engagement.

Connect with your constituents on every channel in a more personalised way. Magnify your message and turn your data into insights.

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Report and analyse.

With pre-built fundraising reports and analytical capabilities, you can easily gauge the productivity of campaigns and identify new opportunities.

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Donor retention.

Stay connected with your donors with key marketing tools and personalise their customer journey using this flexible platform.


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