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Narjiss Fathi Wins Globant's Award for Best UK Digital Leader

Every year Globant hosts awards to showcase the talent in the technology sector in the Women That Build Awards, as only 12% of women make up the technology sector and as we move to a more diverse and equal world inspiring other women to follow in leaders footsteps is important.  The focus of the Globant Awards – Women that Build  is an award that seeks to recognise women who have made their careers in technology, who manage innovation and collaboration, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Over 70,000 women from 27 different countries are nominated for 4 award categories, and this year the UK winner for the UK’s Digital Leader award went to an incredible woman,  Narjiss Fathi who is the Head of Delivery here at Cirrico. 

Narjiss was recognised for her commitment to being a inspirational, equality-focused leader building a diverse and unique team by the judging panel. They shared that her dedication and commitment to working with nonprofits and socially focused businesses on some of the world’s biggest societal issues was one of many reasons the judges voted unanimously for Narjiss.

Narjiss is an exceptional leader, through her work focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and working to drive the best ROI for all clients it makes us very proud to see Narjiss recognised as a team at Cirrico. 

Laura Croudace Head of Impact at Cirrico shared why she nominated Narjiss:

“Narjiss is an extraordinary leader, she leads by example and is an advocate for true diversity, enabling women to join the tech industry and is a fantastic asset in helping nonprofits around the world accelerate human progress with her in-depth knowledge of technology, and Salesforce.”

Globant shared: We have a deep commitment to helping close the gender gap in our industry and as part of this mission, the Women That Build Awards are key in putting female leaders in the spotlight,” said Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer at Globant.

We need more female role models that encourage women and girls to join the IT sector, and these awards are our way to offer inspiration and a call to action to build a more diverse and just future together.”


To celebrate women in tech, watch the full awards ceremony here!