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Sam Fenn

Senior Salesforce Consultant

As I’ve worked at non-profits I understand their team’s issues, concerns, and ideas. For me it’s important to get walking first before you run, and my job is to work out how to set organisations up for success. My passion is showing lessons learned, when you get SF consultancy exams it doesn’t share with you actual examples of what you need to know, that’s what I bring to the table. One thing I really like doing, when someone hasn’t seen SF before and spending time with people going through it, there are no silly questions, going through the basics, and letting people be as curious as they want How open it is to pivot when change is needed.

Sam has experience of directly working for nonprofits in their CRM and Tech teams, having worked at a large national homelessness organisation. When he joined the nonprofit he didn’t have any technical experience and understands where many nonprofits feel at the beginning of their Salesforce journey. As a Senior Salesforce Consultant Sam works across entire projects working with you from scoping your idea to the point where he hands over the project. He is the bridge between the sales and delivery team making sure our clients understand every point of the journey with Cirrico.

Sam says: “One aspect of my job  I really enjoy is helping someone who hasn’t seen Salesforce before, spending time with the person and going through it. There are no silly questions, going through the basics, and letting people be as curious as they want. Then comes the  lightbulb moment of when they see what is possible for their organisation and how this is going to revolutionise what they are striving to achieve”

Top 3 Values:
Professionalism, Empathy, and Creativity

Favorite Trailhead Trail:
Process Automation Specialist

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