Mark Emanuelson

Head of Sales

Mark is passionate about accelerating human progress through technology, he has a varied and interesting set of experiences across various Salesforce products and is passionate about life-long learning and progress.

Mark has been a managing director and head of sales, marketing and channel in technology consultancy, developing and delivering transformation business strategy and growth for clients across multiple verticals by leading cross-functional multinational sales and delivery teams to deliver excellent outcomes.

He shares “I am so passionate about sustainability across all areas of life, and working at Cirrico allows me to bring my skills, knowledge, and experiences to help create a positive impact around the world. It is so powerful to visually see the impact we are making, and show our clients what is possible through technology – accelerating the pace in which they make social impacts. “I love working with people who are passionate about creating social impacts, and it is a joy to work at Cirrico to unveil what is possible through technology. Showing people who are working to create change the possibilities to accelerate impacts through Salesforce is so exciting. Sustainability is something that I am super passionate about and working at Cirrico enables me to do something about this passion working on things such as Sustainability Cloud”

Top 3 Values:
Environment, Trade and Design

Favourite Trailhead Trail:

Create a Sustainable Future

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The progress being made on the world’s greatest problems is not fast enough. Cirrico has made some fundamental changes so that we can play our part to accelerate this progress.

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