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Grace Selley

Associate Manager

For me, the reason I work at Cirrico is that I have seen first hand the power of Salesforce, and harnessing that as a consultant for our clients is hugely fulfilling. I want to know that I have made a difference in the world, and Cirrico allows me to do that.

Grace is one of our Associate Managers, previously a  Senior Salesforce Consultant in the delivery team, she works with nonprofits and businesses with a social purpose. She manages some of the delivery team and also works with our customers right at the beginning in discovering what they need to deliver their impact and goals and works alongside our clients until a project is ready to be handed over to the client at the end of the delivery phase. She is an expert in working with nonprofit organizations to deliver exactly what they need in order to accelerate change.

Grace has nonprofit experience as she was previously a fundraiser at Stonewall,  and at the mental health nonprofit Mind, where she used Salesforce to strategically report back to funders on the impact their investment in the nonprofit had made.

Top 3 Values:
Open-Mindedness, Reliability, and Compassion

Favorite Trailhead Trail:
Salesforce Flow

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