As markets become more connected from production to consumers than ever before, manufacturers need to have real-time engagement across their business in order to stay one step ahead of their competition. Cirrico provides a data-driven solution to businesses giving them a complete view across all channels to improve production, picking, selling, marketing and ordering.

The Sales Cloud functionality simplifies complex processes by centralising information in a solution that can be personalised to the business and facilitates inter-company departmental collaboration and communication. With service optimisation, integrated smart technology, realtime inventory and production levels, and processes streamlined, the solution is scalable and adaptable for growth opportunities.

Manufacturing solutions


Collaborate across the company.

From Design to Shipping and everything in between, use Salesforce to collaborate, communicate and problem solve quickly, in real time.


Accelerate productivity.

No matter what your job function, do more, from anywhere. Even better, automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.


Gear up for growth.

Empower your team with smarter and more predictive data, and give managers a 360 degree view of to see where their can improve their forecasts and boost their sales.


Get new ideas out faster.

Use Email and marketing campaigns for different requirements such as promotions, customer care, monthly newsletters and new product updates, exhibitions and catalogue mail outs to get the product in front of the customer faster.


Personalise every interaction.

Collect and integrate data from every touchpoint to provide a 360-degree view of the customer that informs each marketing decision. And build 1-to-1 journeys at scale across any channel including email, mobile, social, digital advertising, online, and in-store.


Success stories

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