Health and Life sciences

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With Cirrico you can innovate faster, help many more, analyse quickly and put people back at the heart of every action and decision. We understand that Healthcare is more than just a service, it's an experience; and that research is collaborative not simply confined to a test tube in a lab. Similarly, we know that in order to develop new technology, researchers, scientists, and designers need a system that remains agile with them, and automates processes.

Our solutions help you to reduce costs whilst improving value-based care through the ability to track not only patients but, campaigns, programs, and drug lifecycles. We help companies to make more impact on more lives by enabling them to combine science with technology which processes data at scale, more securely than ever before. See more than just a 2D customer page, and open the possibilities to client-centric products that allow you to predict, analyse, report and deliver customer experience. Spend your time focusing on the the part that matters the most, the research, the impact, and the person. We optimise our solution to fit your unique industry and needs, so you can get your solutions onto the market faster.

Health Solutions


Create individual customer journeys.

Understand the person behind the patient with a connected experience across every touchpoint from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement on the path to better outcomes.

Make more time.

With simpler reporting, better patient management, easier time logging and task automation, you have more time to spend on care.


Collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem.

Make the shift to value-based care with a single view of the patient across teams of healthcare professionals, partner affiliates, and employees to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Life sciences solutions


Innovate faster.

Put your expertise into good use and spend more time innovating and less time administrating. Automate, evaluate, and regulate faster.


Sell more efficiently.

Salesforce empowers your sales team to sell more effectively, manage opportunities smoothly, and deliver better marketing, with customised content and real-time support.


Drive cutting-edge innovation.

Scientific companies need to stay agile and innovative to keep up with emerging technology. With Salesforce, companies can create richer experiences that engage everyone, from patients and physicians, to researchers and designers in new ways — and help revolutionise the world.


Success stories

Story 1

Collaborative research is something that a UK based biological analysis team was aiming to achieve when working with Cirrico to improve their CRM. Their technological and commercial advances had opened up DNA analysis to researchers who previously had no direct access to sequencing technologies, allowing them to perform analyses in their own labs, in real time or in the field. Cirrico implemented Sales Cloud to provide the new Sales and management team with tools to help them identify and close deals more easily than their previous system. With Contact, lead, opportunity and performance management made easier, and tracking and forecasting more robust, the researcher company were given a concise and clear structure to empower them to close deal and spend more time and funds on innovating in the world of biology.

Story 2

Flexibility is key in an industry where transformation is the aim. Cirrico was able to help a UK based research and manufacturing company who had developed a revolutionary new thermal electric technology for use in LED and high powered electronics. They were a rapidly scaling company who needed a solution to help commercialise their product, manage investment, opportunities and prospects, aid in scheduling and integrate with other systems. By customising objects, creating new 'build' criteria forms for products, report template creation, and field matching, Cirrico implemented a system that was versatile and detailed in line with customer needs.