Education Cloud


With the world of work becoming ever more technological, schools, colleges and universities are having to adapt to more challenges than ever before. They have to work harder to retain students, gain funding, appeal to all demographics, and have the best curriculum for the rising demand for certain workforce skills. Alongside this, students are more mobile, more online, and often savvier than ever before, so they expect their education to be personalised and responsive.

Education Cloud, containing tools such as the Salesforce Platform, HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture), solution sets for Recruiting & Admissions, Student Success, Advancement, and purpose-built products like Salesforce Advisor Link, enables educational institutions to manage, monitor, and support student life from application to graduation.

Higher Education and Further Education solutions


Management reporting.

Track all your management information in one place. Recruitment, candidate conversion, pipeline, student success. Access reports and dashboards in real time on the go.


Get more students.

Nurture candidates until they’re ready, then automatically route them to the right team at the right time. Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making every candidate a quality lead. Target driven recruitment.


Accelerate productivity.

No matter if you’re a rep in the field, an inside sales rep, or you just prefer to work inside your email inbox, do more, from anywhere. Even better, automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.


Make insightful decisions.

With Salesforce, information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritise and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it.


Email integration.

Use the email applications you already know — like Outlook. Sync everything from contacts and events to tasks and more with Salesforce. So everyone moves faster from the inbox and stays productive.



Target the way you communicate and connect with alumni, empower fundraising managers with mobile tools, and exceed your budgeted goals.


Student success and support.

Respond faster to student issues and personalise the support they receive. Have access to a real-time view of every student, deliver an experience unique to them, and drive pupil retention throughout their education.



Connect with students and parents in a targeted way, become a connected campus and engage with the wider education community, and exceed your student success goals.

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