Cirrico case study 

Retail Merchant Services

Company background


Retail Merchant Services Ltd., founded in 2007, provides merchant services to small businesses in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They offer debit and credit card machines, including countertop, portable, mobile, desktop, Bluetooth, and GPRS card machines. The company also provides online and phone payment services. Their team of payment industry experts aims to bring affordable card payment solutions to small businesses, who are often overcharged and under-serviced by the banks.

Project challenges

Retail Merchant Services had recently completed stage 1 of their ‘New World Implementation’ project. This was focused on specifying new sales team business processes, with a NewVoiceMedia implementation.

For Phase 2, there was a focus on two high level requirements. Firstly, to architect Salesforce so that the boarding team process for new business becomes a process controlled within Salesforce. Secondly, to architect Salesforce as a data viewer wrapped around core business databases.

The aim of this project was to:

  • Fully on-board an active customer (boarding team);

  • Improve internal process management for boarding;

  • Have a single view of data;

  • Have a defined Boarding process: managed within Salesforce;

  • Increase efficiencies by making external database information viewable in Salesforce; and

  • Reduce manual activities/tasks.

The Cirrico solution

Cirrico’s solution was to create a Boarding service console app in Lightning Experience, it included:

  • Custom Page Layouts for Cases, within tab and accordion views, and components including chatter, cases, aura components, activities etc;

  • A deep programmatic integration with multiple card payment merchants (Elavon and Global Payments), plus on-premise APIs and databases;

  • Case queue customisations and preset list views;

  • Omni-Channel configuration allowing work to be pushed to agents in real time;

  • Process Automation for various areas including, updating case statuses and opportunities, depending upon user access levels and key actions;

  • Creation of Case Lightning Components using existing on-premise app information, allowing Retail Merchant Services to edit application data within the Case page layout;

  • Flows set up to allow users to access and work with Application data related to cases; and

  • New profiles created for Boarding employees.

Overall benefits

  • The Retail Merchant Services boarding team are successfully using Salesforce, it has replaced on premise solutions and is empowering the on-boarding team to work more productively;

  • The project went live and had no ongoing issues that needed resolving; and

  • There are further planned phases to roll Salesforce out to customer service and retentions teams.