Cirrico case study 

Enhancing marketing and fundraising capabilities using the Salesforce platform

School background

This leading performing arts and technology school for 14 -19 year olds offers a unique and comprehensive education for students looking to make an impact in the performing arts world. The school offers both traditional academic learning, alongside vocational training in all areas of performance arts, from production to staging and everything in between.

Project challenges

The school was already utilising Salesforce to manage Alumni but wanted to open up the potential of the CRM further to overcome some marketing and fundraising challenges. The project aimed to provide solutions to the following requirements:

  • Improved management and tracking of donors coming from various sources, and specific donors details and activities such as call logs and email correspondence;

  • The ability to track relationships and affiliations between companies and donors;

  • The need to be able to allocate funds from donors towards a particular campaign or project;

  • An improved reporting function to analyse and segment data, in a user friendly format which could be shared amongst employees in the establishment;

  • An integration with their existing MailChimp solution to provide efficient email marketing and the school website for enquiries; and

  • The need to track Gift Aid data for HMRC reporting and JustGiving for fundraising purposes.

The Cirrico solution

Cirrico worked alongside the school to understand how they could best implement new Salesforce features using the Non-Profit Success Cloud. The Cirrico solution provided:

  • Managing donors and companies that the school work with;

  • Managing communication preferences, career achievements, activities (phone calls, emails, tasks, meetings) alongside the ability to view all activities in a single view;

  • Tracking donations as well as their source and the method of donation;

  • The ability to manage fundraising campaigns using Salesforce Campaigns;

  • Key reports and dashboards were set up to analyse data in an easy to use and accessible format;

  • A robust data storage function to maintain compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

  • Mapping and migration of cleansed data from existing software;

  • A MailChimp integration using the Salesforce AppExchange MailChimp integration app;

  • An integration with the school’s website via a single web form to automate enquiries into Salesforce using the third party app FormAssembly;

  • The ability to mass data import from JustGiving; and

  • The ability to record HMRC Gift Aid tracking against donors.


Overall benefits

  • The school now has a robust and scalable system that will grow with the school and help deliver services and reporting, faster and more efficiently;

  • Improved ability to fundraise and manage fundraising campaigns more effectively;

  • Salesforce has helped the school to gain a real-time single view of donors. They now also have an easy to use reporting tool with improved data segmentation capability active, alongside a seamless process collaboration with the Alumni team’s Salesforce setup, which all has resulted in a positive internal user adoption; and

  • Overall, Cirrico and Salesforce are helping the school to reach their goals by improving reporting systems and the connections donors and activities.