Cirrico case study 

Increasing fundraising performance using the Salesforce platform

Nonprofit background


This deaf charity was one of the earliest of the major charitable bodies concerned with the welfare of deaf people now operating in England. The organisation’s main mission is to promote the welfare and interests of deaf people.

Project challenges
The organisation identified the need to invest into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduction in the number of time consuming daily manual tasks;

  • Consolidation of manually managed data across multiple spreadsheets into one system, reducing the room for human error and duplication of tasks;

  • Improvement of visibility into organisations and people that the organisation were working with at any point in time; and

  • Have a reporting function that was quick and efficient, and displayed results in a simple and understandable format for all users.

The Cirrico solution

Cirrico worked closely with the charity to understand how they could realise value from Salesforce very early on in their investment. Following a series of discovery workshops with key stakeholders, Cirrico configured the Salesforce platform + Nonprofit Success Pack to give the charity the tools to:

  • Create, track and manage donors details in one place;

  • Create, track and manage interactions such as calls, emails, meetings and notes to give a true single customer view;

  • Manage and track donor’s financial transactions such as donations/grants and Gift Aid in one place with one source of truth;

  • Manage their fundraising pipeline and track the stage of each donor and donation;

  • Attach important files and notes in Salesforce against the relevant donor;

  • Manage custom preferences and store data to maintain compliance with Fundraising Preference Service & EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

  • Manage duplicate records and leverage Salesforce to avoid creating duplicates;

  • Automate information from the website into Salesforce to reduce manual effort and provide a better experience for stakeholders;

  • Access Salesforce on a mobile device so users can access remotely and increase productivity;

  • Create and manage emails campaigns using Salesforce and an app from the Salesforce AppExchange;

  • Track costs of fundraising campaigns, response rates and return on investment;

  • Access easy to use reports and dashboards and report on Gift Aid claims in order to report to HMRC;

  • Mapping and migration of cleansed data into Salesforce; and

  • Training was completed onsite to ensure high adoption of the new system.


Overall benefits

  • This deaf charity now has a robust and scalable system that will grow with the organisation and help deliver campaigns faster and more efficiently;

  • Salesforce has helped with gaining a single view of donors and is offering a higher level of customer service;

  • The overall reduction in manual activities, improved reporting capability and efficiently working with HMRC means employees can use this time for higher value tasks; and

  • Overall, Salesforce is supporting the charity to reach their goals around increasing fundraising revenue.