Cirrico case study 


The Careers and Enterprise Company - Pardot quick start

Company background

The Careers & Enterprise Company, established in 2015,  is a national network set up to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. Their mission is to connect schools and colleges, employers and careers programme providers to create high-impact careers opportunities for young people across England. The company works closely with 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships, and now includes more than 2,000 schools and colleges.

Project challenges

The Careers & Enterprise Company were already using the Salesforce platform and wanted to enhance customer journeys for Stakeholders, by leveraging a system that can link with Salesforce seamlessly. The immediate challenges faced by the company included:

  • Needing to be in a position to send out 700 emails for a campaign at the end of the following week, and 1300 emails after this, in a pre-defined, personalised journey;

  • Wanting to implement a robust and scalable marketing tool to automate processes and improve customer service; and

  • Having the ability to be able to send personalised and relevant communications via a tool that connects seamlessly with their Salesforce CRM.

The Cirrico solution

Cirrico worked closely with The Careers & Enterprise Company to roll out a Pardot implementation to solve the challenges the Careers & Enterprise Company was faced with.

The implementation was a Cirrico Quick Start and combined a mainly technical implementation with limited training over a five day period to meet the email deadline. The implementation included the following solutions:

  • The setup of domain email records to allow emails to be sent as The Careers & Enterprise Company’s domain through Pardot;

  • Creation of a landing page with information about training programmes (embedded PDF documents);

  • Creation of a customised Pardot web form for capturing various fields specified by the company, and allowing for easier recording and reporting;

  • Creation of a Pardot web form where a user can select the specific programmes that are open to them and submit;

  • The setup of 4 email templates and automation of follow up emails which can easily be amended as required in the future, ensuring the implementation is scalable; and

  • Cirrico led Pardot training sessions for end users via video conference and real time screen sharing, which was recorded and shared for future reference.


Overall benefits

  • The implementation was delivered over 5 days in a 1 week period. This allowed The Careers & Enterprise Company to confidently send out their 700 emails on time without any issues and Post Go-Live support was available;

  • Training from Cirrico ensures that end users at The Careers and Enterprise Company are able to continue using Pardot on a daily basis for any emailing campaigns they may have; and

  • Overall, Cirrico and Salesforce are helping The Careers & Enterprise Company to reach their goals by improving and part automating their marketing system and enhancing their ability to track data as it is sent and returned.

Customer feedback

Great team, useful support

Cirrico were a pleasure to work with. 

Cirrico supported a set up a Pardot Campaign and despite the extremely tight timescales their customer service was excellent. They provided professional service that produced an effective solution that added great value to our project. 

Many thanks to Cirrico for the support. - Elliot Harris