All I want for Christmas is simplicity...

Too small for CRM?

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just a single need, for simplicity. Everyone wants some simplicity every now and then. We have technology surrounding our inner world, and now we want it to push its own buttons, and help us out in more ways than before. Of course, it would be fairly amazing if my dishwasher emptied itself after washing my dishes, or if my oven would regulate both temperature and my ability to forget to put timers on, or even if my TV knew when I was no longer paying attention to it’s ramblings. But, for Christmas am I actually going to get anything close to this? I think not. I don't even have a dishwasher! So instead I am joining the masses and wishing for something far simpler in life.

As a grown up in the world of business it’s easy to lose track of time and Christmas creeps up on you out of nowhere. But instead of panicking about what you haven't done, it’s actually a good time to focus on what your business needs to be a success (whatever success looks like to you!). This is the time of the year to write your Business Christmas Wish List. What would you put at the top of it? Technology that takes care of itself and reports back to you when it’s finished taking care of the daily tasks? It’s a pretty good wish. Essentially, what is at the top of most businesses lists is the wish for increased revenue, better efficiencies, greater impact and better employee wellbeing. And here’s the good news...whilst Santa can't bring you a fully functioning, all in one kitchen magic appliance that does everything, he can bring CRM into your world.

But what actually is CRM? It’s a word that most people have heard, but even when you break it out into words, it still doesn't really explain all it is: Customer Relationship Management. These really are three of the key business terms though. Basic business fundamentals include FIND, WIN and KEEP which is all about finding the right customers, providing the best customer service by putting their needs first and building relationships.

Therefore, CRM is the tool you need to achieve your goals, and the simplest and most encompassing of these in the Cirrico opinion is Salesforce. Salesforce allows you to bring together all of your data from different channels and different systems into one centralised hub. When a business has a master source of data with a true single view of their prospects and customers, this simply makes day to day tasks far easier and quicker to achieve!

So the question is, why is every organisation not using it? Well it’s expensive; complicated; difficult to manage; and it needs a team to run it. It’s for big businesses and big investments.

This is where the misconceptions lie.

No company is too small for Salesforce. If you have customers, you have data, and if you have data, you can make good use of Salesforce because it’s designed to work with you, no matter how big or small you are. Let’s take a moment to go down our Business Christmas Wish List and see how one present of CRM can bring joy to your company.

1. I want a system that is simple to use and does not frustrate me with every other click.


If now you have one spreadsheet for Sales, and you plan to grow, where are you going to put that growth data? Do you start another Spreadsheet? How long before you end up with more Spreadsheets and versions that you can control? What if your colleague is doing the same thing, how many spreadsheets do they have hiding away in folders? Starting out with Salesforce when you are small is actually an advantage in many ways. The main one being that you get to bypass this world of spreadsheet frustration and go straight to Go. There is no spreadsheet jail to pass, no data to untangle, and as you grow the data grows with you but your documents stay neatly organised.

2. I want everything to be connected. I want my dot to dot book already completed.

Well, you will be happy to hear that Salesforce can do this too. It’s great to have all your data in one place, but CRM can go further than this again and created related lists between your key data. What use is a contact if they just sit in your inbox and you forget about them for most of the year? Or use is an opportunity if you don’t have a simple way of following up to convert it to a sale? In this way, Salesforce tackles a problem that both big and small business face by allowing you to make these vital connections and by automating processes, you can increase your sales, make the most of your contacts and forge better relationships with those you are in business with. Not only this but Salesforce works seamlessly with all your other day to day apps, eg. Gmail, Outlook, allowing you to connect your inbox as well if you so wish.

3. I want to always know how my business is doing without having to wait for crunch time.

In Salesforce, you can report and analyse to your heart's content. You can use pre built reports or make your own, but either way, you can see real time data, and you give yourself the gift of power. The power to make changes where you see gaps; the power to repeat actions when you see their success; and the power to show others why they should support your cause. Salesforce can make you the reporting superhero. Just use your power wisely and learn as you go along.

4. I want to learn more, but in a language I understand and when I have the time.

This is where Salesforce comes with the added gift of Trailhead where you can find ‘how to’ guides on every aspect of the platform. But it’s not just a page of boring text, it’s interactive and you get to learn as you go. The knowledge imparted isn't limited to technical know how either. You can use Trailhead to learn about wider business topics and see real examples of how the technology helps your growth. Plus, you get snazzy badges to show off on your Salesforce community profile and who doesn't love being teacher’s pet?

5. I don't want to upgrade next Christmas and spend a lot of money to get the next big thing all the other cool businesses are getting.

With Salesforce, you don’t have to. Once you have the platform, you don't need to invest in the next version because everyone gets the same regular upgrades and add-ons three times a year. You can start off small and the CRM will develop alongside your team, and because everything in Salesforce is designed to work around you, the upgrades, don't bring you down time, they don't stop features from working, and you can make requests if the clever tech team hasn't already thought of something.  

Salesforce is for life not just for Christmas.

Yes, it can be scary switching and, yes, you may already have some systems in place, and yes, you may be just starting out, but Cirrico are the experts in cloud technology and our team can help you hit the ground running and put you on the path to wishing for grander things next year. If you want to find out more about CRM, the cloud, data migration, and project management, get in touch below and one of our elves will be in touch.

Happy Christmas and may all your wishes come true!