Who are Cirrico?

Not just another Salesforce partner, we are the precursor for business change.

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Cirrico are a Salesforce Consulting Partner who work with organisations to drive return on investment and success through the use of cloud technology focussed on the Salesforce platform. We provide professional services to new and existing Salesforce customers to get up and running, as well as facilitate existing Salesforce customers by driving adoption, success and focussing on increasing the ROI.


That’s what we do, but who are we as a company?

We are a technology business based in Paddington, splitting our projects equally between nonprofit and commercial ventures, and above all else, we are a team. We are diverse; we are equal and we have each other’s backs.

We have a variety of different industry backgrounds and it means that we understand the day to day processes of companies and the key issues they are facing. Between us we have worked in manufacturing, food processing, retail, media, sales, technology, fashion, jewellery, education, and charities to name a few. We want to help our client's envisage what they can do in the digital era, and then build it. We use the platforms we promote in our own day to day business processes so we know how they can be adapted and know where any frustrations lie.

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So what makes us truly different to other companies in the cloud sector?

It’s simple, our talent is key to our success - we are a creative and innovative team that challenges each other to grow, learn new things and be the best versions of ourselves. In 2018 our employees have gained new certifications, hit new fitness target levels, travelled to new places, met new people, and raised a lot of money for charity. Our values are your values and whatever we do we do on a basis of mutual trust.

Of course, work comes first and clients needs are at the forefront of our mind, but outside of this we have been a bit adventurous this year as well.

In March 2018, Priam Soni took part in the Partner Event White Collar Boxing. The event saw Salesforce employees and partners go head to head in the ring to raise over £100,000 for Sports Traider. Priam put himself out there, made new connections, won new respect and helped to partner up to put poverty down.

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Speaking of challenges and raising money, we also took part in a 10km run around Hyde Park for British Heart Foundation. It was Summer; it was hot; we had to do early morning training, but it was worth it and we learnt its actually a fun way to start the day with a little jog amongst the ducks. Everything in moderation though ;)

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 And we still have so much more to do. We will be at the Connected Nonprofit conference; will be cheering on Ally Boulton at the newest Salesforce Partner Event - Partner Strictly Dancing!, taking more certifications, and going on a run around London dressed up as Santa. How else can you possibly sign out the year?


So the answer in short is that we are a business that puts people first, and that means both customers and employees. We will always strive to make a difference professionally and personally and we hope you enjoy working with us along the way. To find out more about the services we offer and the events we are hosting or how to become part of our team, see here