Nonprofits versus data

How your data can work better for you

When GDPR came into force this year, everyone learnt one thing; their data is everywhere. Websites you signed up to as a teenager, and you didn't know still existed, suddenly wanted your permission to continue using it for all manner of reasons you don't remember agreeing to. Suddenly, every organisation had to think a little deeper about how they stored your data, who they could share it with, how they could use it and how long they could keep it for. With the news headlines and privacy policy update emails constantly informing us of data hacks and data breaches; for many organisations, data has become one of those things that is big and scary, and impossible to manage.

But it doesn't have to be. 

Data is for tracking, analysing, comparing, processing, and something big corporate companies use.

Wrong! Well, ok, the first part is true, but data is so much more than a burden and something to be stressed over.  

Data isn’t scary, its your number one tool, and you just need to know how to use it. Being a charity, voluntary organisation, or social enterprise, does not mean that data is something you can't maximise to its fullest potential. In fact, data it the thing that empowers you; by saving you time, providing you insight, helping you improve campaign messages, and keeping you connected with those around you.

Data is most useful to you when it is in an easy to read format. Gone are the days of needing multiple spreadsheets, numerous different software packages, onsite servers, and file cabinets upon file cabinets of reports. Technology now can compile this information into one system and open up a world to you where you can work collaboratively with colleagues and manage your organisation from anywhere you choose.

download (3).png and Cirrico understand the pressures faced by all nonprofits, and using the Nonprofit Cloud, your organisations can be set up to track and monitor fundraising initiatives as well as donor relationships; help manage volunteers, report hours, schedule shifts and keep in touch quickly and easily. Complicated tasks become a lot simpler when you can provide meaningful impact reports to your funders and grant holders and see project outcomes at a click of a button. This platform is designed purely for the voluntary sector and the unique challenges faced within. The tools and software that the Nonprofit Cloud provides are there to help you stay connected and build strong and productive relationships with your supporters, donors, service users, fundraisers, volunteers, funding bodies, and constituents. It can help measure the outcomes and success of campaigns, improve fundraising efforts, measure impact, provide customised reports, and gives you more time to spend on spreading your message.  

If you have one of those old scary systems of databases, spreadsheets and documents, it doesn't have to be out of your reach to quickly get a good infrastructure in place. Getting to your data can be easy and you can make it have more of a positive impact on your company rather than it being a hinderance.

If you are interested in letting the data work harder for you, you may be interested in seeing us do a demo of the nonprofit cloud at one of our November events. We hope from these events you will get a good idea of how Cirrico, and the Nonprofit Cloud can solve some of your challenges and how it can help your organisation to build and nurture life-long relationships with your partners.