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A bit about us

Cirrico are a fast growing Salesforce consultancy, contributing to the success of our customers through project work and managed services. The team is based in WeWork, Paddington, and we work with a variety of organisations, from nonprofit and educational institutions, to commercial, startups through to global enterprises.

Our vision is to create a global cloud technology services business delivering world class excellence. We do this by focussing on core values of innovation, trust and wellness.

As an innovative and inclusive company, we strive to be an amazing place to work. Take a look at our blog post Who are Cirrico?

Industries we work in

At Cirrico we work closely with both and,  which means that we are able to specialise in a variety of different industries.


We have a strong network of colleges and higher education institutions who use the Education Cloud to accelerate their productivity and enhance their decision making. With the world of work becoming ever more technological, organisations are having to adapt to more challenges than ever before. We understand the indepth process behind student recruitment and admissions, alumni management, and GDPR compliance.


Cirrico work closely with a number of different Nonprofits who use the Nonprofit Cloud to minimise manual tasks and focus their marketing efforts. These organisations are closely aligned with our values and we understand the in-depth process behind fundraising, Programme management, campaigns.


With markets becoming more connected from production to consumers than ever before, manufacturers need real-time engagement across their business in order to stay one step ahead of their competition. Cirrico provides a data-driven solutions to give a complete view across all channels. Understanding processes is key and automation is a used wherever possible.

Financial services

Modern financial services businesses are changing to meet the client demand for personalised service that is secure and dynamic. Cirrico understands that trust has to be earned and good experience is key, when the ease of switching financial suppliers simpler than ever before.

Business services

Cirrico provides solutions which work around core business functions and give flexibility to run a company in the way business leaders require. The more information contained within a single system, the more visibility a manager has, the more intuitive the company can be with data, and the more time they can spend on growing rather than manual administration.

Health and Life sciences

Cirrico understands that Healthcare is more than just a service, it's an experience; and that research is collaborative not simply confined to a test tube in a lab. Similarly, we know that in order to develop new technology, researchers, scientists, and designers need a system that remains agile with them.

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What we are looking for

All of our candidates should be passionate about Salesforce, technology, customer success, and excited by the prospect of playing a key role in the growth and development of a rapidly growing business.

Technical roles

We are on the lookout for people who are self motivated and passionate about professional development. What we look for in return is for people who stay abreast of relevant news and updates, work hard, love to learn, and look to innovate. The day-to-day work that needs to be done is diverse, and we want cross-functional and cross-skilled team members who can contribute to help us grow the business in other ways.

We need people that are technically capable, have attention to detail, and like the challenge of having to solve complex problems. You may have Salesforce certifications, and specific industry experience, but we’re also open to considering people that don’t have. For all our technical roles we expect you to have good experience with Salesforce as a technology. You may be working as a single consultant or as part of a larger project team. The type of work you do, and industry, will vary based on your knowledge, experience and the demand from our customers.

Sales roles

We are looking for eloquent and charismatic sales professionals with strong relationship skills to drive our business forwards. You need to understand what we are selling as a service to succeed but how you go about developing your career once you are here, is partly up to you. We are not simply looking for someone to manage established pipeline, but rather someone who can proactively build and develop a process and team that enthusiastically engages with customers and makes Cirrico the go to company for new projects and services.

In order to drive new pipeline we are looking for people to join our team in Account management roles. You will be responsible for identifying opportunities with existing customers, as well as generating new customers. Your time will be spent working closely with teams at Salesforce, including regular face to face meetings in London (or Dublin), and you will also be responsible for creating and sending proposals to customers for our services (you will be technically supported by our consultants).

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