Business services


No matter what a business sells, makes or markets, whether it's a service or a product, they will have the need for an efficient and clear marketing strategy, a functional sales platform that helps them to bring in new customer, whilst retaining the current ones, and a place to log opportunity data so no lead goes untouched. The more information contained within a single system, the more visibility a manager has, the more intuitive the company can be with data, and the more time they can spend on growing rather than manual administration.

Cirrico provides solutions which work around your core business functions and give you the flexibility to run the company accounts the way you want. From data migration and management, to sales strategies, website integration, marketing campaigns and communications, Cirrico's solution gives employees easy access to the information they need. the solution is cohesive, personalised and scalable, so as you grow, your business service problems don't grow with you.

Business services solutions


Management reporting.

Track all your management information in one place. Recruitment, HR, pipeline, project progress. Access reports and dashboards in real time on the go.


Accelerate productivity.

Do more, from anywhere, and see more in one clear view. Even better, automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.


Connect everything.

Regardless of who is trying to collaborate together on projects, Salesforce ensures they receive a rapid, relevant and consistent response, and the project stays on track.


Engage with Shareholders.

Start communicating more effectively with Shareholders and decision makers. Give them the data they need in the personalised manner they deserve.


Set a new standard for operational agility.

Unlock transactional, back office data and digitally enable, streamline, and accelerate key processes across every department. Empower employees with enterprise-grade apps for maximum productivity. And promote a more collaborative culture that drives next-gen product innovation.


Success stories

Working with a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, Cirrico's challenge was to connect more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, so they could work dynamically and achieve their key business objectives. For the project, we used the Cirrico Service Cloud Quickstart CRM Implementation, which introduced elements of automation, data importing, management and tracking, detailed reporting, email organisation and sorting. The result was that the business had improved communication and managers had better visibility of their departments.