Nonprofit Cloud Cirrico

Build and nurture life-long relationships with your constituents

Date: Wednesday 14th November 2018. Time: 10am - 1pm
Location: Southampton City Centre. Venue to be confirmed. Refreshments provided.

As a charity, voluntary organisation, or social enterprise, who do you want to connect and build better relationship with?

Do you keep track and monitor fundraising initiatives as well as donor relationships?

Are you able to manage your volunteers, report hours, schedule shifts and keep in touch quickly and easily?  

Can you provide meaningful impact reports to your funders and grant holders and see project outcomes at a click of a button? understands these pressures and needs and how difficult managing all this can be.  To help your organisation they have created the Nonprofit Cloud that is designed just for the voluntary sector.  

The tools and software that the Nonprofit Cloud provides are there to help you stay connected and build strong and productive relationships with your supporters, donors, service users, fundraisers, volunteers, funding bodies, and the general public.

Please join us for a roundtable discussion and demonstration of how and the Nonprofit Cloud can help your organisation.

What will be covered on the day?

How your data can work better for you

  • Having a good infrastructure to manage your organisation’s data is critical. and the Nonprofit Cloud can help you to:

    • organise your data in one place that in a way that make getting to your data much easier,

    • have a clearer understanding of who you connect with and how they impact your organisation,

    • how to communicate more effectively, with better interaction, and in a more personalised way, and

    • measure the outcomes and success of campaigns, programs, and fundraising efforts with analytics and reporting.

Why should you attend?

  • If you would like to improve how you manage your organisation’s data but aren’t sure how to, this event will:

    • be an opportunity to network with, Cirrico and other nonprofits within an informal setting and share your own experiences and challenges,

    • enable you to engage in an interactive demonstration of, and

    • give you time to discuss how you can move forward.

What we hope you will leave with

  • After attending the event we hope that you will have:

    • a good idea of how and the Nonprofit Cloud can solve some of your challenges and how it can help your organisation to build and nurture life-long relationships with your partners.

    • a good idea of how to move forward in your journey and prepare your organisation for this positive change

    • access to consultants who can offer guidance and advice on your next steps.

    We look forward to seeing you in November and hope we can help your organisation achieve your goals more effectively.


Registration closed for this event but get in touch if you want to hear more

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