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Role: Technical Architect

Cirrico is a fast-growing UK-based technology company that supplies nonprofits, educational organisations and responsible businesses with purpose-built tools including Salesforce.

Salary: Competitive

We are looking to hire a Technical Architect to strategically engage with our customers both pre-sales and during our service delivery.

We are committed to contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 12 and 13, and to aligning our carbon reporting with the Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR). We give our people’s time and expertise, as well as a percentage of our profit, to fulfil our objectives. We call this CirriCommit. 

The competitive benefits of working for Cirrico can be found here.

Responsibilities will include

  • Collaborate with the Cirrico sales team to support winning deals particularly large organisations and/or multi-cloud uses where a strong technical architecture approach is required.
  • Provide input for RFI and RFP responses, including the effort estimate, project team, timeline, implementation methodology and solution components.
  • Work with prospects/customers, incl. C-level roles to consultatively guide them including with ongoing architecture and roadmaps.
  • Develop, own and evolve the process for extracting and reusing metadata assets that can accelerate time to value for customers.
  • Develop, own and evolve Cirrico’s internal and external DevOps process for managing delivery and deployments to client orgs as well as Cirrico’s org
  • Provide support to the internal development team, acting as Cirrico’s technical authority.
  • Work with our Salesforce Consultants to peer-review and support solution architecture plans.
  • Work within our Delivery team to create and own technical approaches and designs including Apex frameworks, API/middleware integrations, high data volumes, complex global orgs.
  • Collaborate closely with Salesforce’s Solution Engineers, Customer Success and Sales teams to ensure mutual success and sharing best practices.
  • Position Cirrico as the #1 service provider for customers to achieve impact.
  • Driving a culture of strong execution and operational excellence.
  • Providing strategic direction and focus to our technical approach in pre-sales and delivery.


The person we’re looking for is likely to have

  • Committed to our vision of Accelerating human progress through technology, and passionate about the positive impact our work can have.
  • A transparent and efficient communicator with a growth mindset.
  • Able to lead and motivate people.
  • A strategic thinker who gets the bigger picture and is able to work in a consultative way – inspiring and leading customers with a great vision of their future (through technology).
  • An experienced Technical Architect who has a track record and appropriate Salesforce certifications.
  • Ideally experienced in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Education Data Architecture.
  • Experience working in a similar Professional Services business.
  • Emotionally intelligent and able to effectively interact with our team, and external various customer stakeholders from the end-users through to senior management e.g. the CTO/CEO.
  • Excellent at communicating with prospects/customers, managing challenging conversations.
  • Quick and efficient using technology, particularly Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Google apps, MacBook Pro.
  • Able to multitask many active deals with multiple contacts.

The successful candidate will be based in the UK (with the right to live and work here), and be able to work remotely as well as spend time with Cirrico team in London every few weeks.

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My vision is for us to live in an efficient world - one that is sustainable, clean, healthy and caring, where technology is a force for good.

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